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The Castlepoint Racing Club annual beach meeting:

Where picturesque Castlepoint comes alive to the sound of thundering hooves; keenly cheered along by a large crowd of punters, picnickers and spectators and this year is particularly special as we are celebrating 150 years of horse racing at Castlepoint! 

A family picnic race day with equalisator betting ($2 tickets) over eight races plus other activities including children's games, a fashion parade, the Undie 100, lucky race book number cash prizes, Kid's Big Dig and other entertainment, all within the delightful ambiance of Castlepoint.

Castlepoint is located only 50 minutes east of Masterton and 2.5 hours from Wellington. Races are held on the strip of beach in front of the Castlepoint Store. There will be plenty of refreshments and food on offer with local Food Trucks, Coffee Carts, Fresh Berries and Real Fruit Ice-cream available!

Horse racing at Castlepoint dates back to the first days of European settlement in the district. Thomas Guthrie, the first European settler in the area, is said to have encouraged sporting evenings on the beach in front of his station with the station hands taking part in various athletic contests.

Equalisator betting:

Tickets are purchased for $2 each. A $2 investment gives you a ticket with a letter printed on it. Immediately prior to each race a draw is made. Each letter draws a horse. Dividends are paid on winning tickets

Horses Racing.jpg
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Wet Feet

There are plenty of Accommodation options at Castlepoint

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